Circuit Boards
 Circuit Boards - Door Control
ECA's 8 Point Interface board. more info
8R10A-FP 8 Monitor/Control Device Circuit Board
ECA's 8 DPS/Relay door control circuit board that can handle up to 8 Doors for DPS and Door lock wiring. Each of the eight lock voltages are fused utilizing standard AGC type 1 -1/4" X 1/4" fuses. Also, all wiring connections are completely pluggable for ease of use.
  • Monitor up to 8 devices
  • Control up to 8 devices
  • Each of the lock voltages are fused
 more info
ECA's 8 Relay control board allowing the user to control the board with ribbon and wire terminals. more info
 Circuit Boards - Intercom
ECA's 16 Intercom Station Unit more info
ECA's 24 Intercom Station, 1 Buss Rack Mount Unit more info
ECA's 24 Intercom Station, 2 Buss Rack Mount Unit more info
ECA's 8 Intercom Station Unit. more info
 Circuit Boards - Utility
ECA's 16 Relay Utility Board. more info
ECA's 50 point inline champ connection interface. more info
ECA's 50 point champ terminal to screw terminal or ribbon circuit board. more info
 Circuit Boards - Data Interface
ECA's data interface unit is capable of handling up to 144 mixed inputs or outputs through a single RS-232 or RS-485 connection. There is also the capability to have one motherboard and 4 additional daughter boards totaling 720 I/O! more info