8R10A-FP 8 Monitor/Control Device Circuit Board    
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 Product Overview  

ECA's 8 DPS/Relay door control circuit board that can handle up to 8 Doors for DPS and Door lock wiring. Each of the eight lock voltages are fused utilizing standard AGC type 1 -1/4" X 1/4" fuses. Also, all wiring connections are completely pluggable for ease of use.

  • Monitor up to 8 devices
  • Control up to 8 devices
  • Each of the lock voltages are fused


No. of Inputs:
8 (2 connections each, DPS and Common for DPS)
No. of Outputs: 8 (4 connections each, Normally Open, Normally Closed, Voltage Hot, Voltage Neutral)
Wire Connection Type: Push in Spring Cage
Supported Wire Guages: 24-12 AWG Solid or Stranded
Wire Connection Ratings: 250V
No. of Relays: 8
Relay Current Ratings: 12VDC - 64 mA
24VDC - 32 mA
Input Voltages: 12VDC (8R10A-FP-12)
24VDC (8R10A-FP)