HMI/Touch Screen Systems

As experts at designing and impelmenting HMI/Touch Screen solutions, ECA can provide you with the best solution for your needs. We have been successfully manufacturing HMI/Touch Screen systems for over eight years. See below for what we can offer in our HMI/Touch Screen solutions.
View of a customer touch screen.
 HMI/Touch Screen Manufacturing fundamentals
  • Completely tested prior to shipment to customer site
    Our touch screen systems are completely tested to conform to the customer's specifications. Each system goes through rigorous testing, including point to point connection verification, overall system functionality verification and many other elements required for a complete functional system.
  • System designed and built to customer specifications
    Each of ECA's systems is designed and built to meet every need of the customer's specifications. We ensure the touch screen system is the most accurate design the customer desires. Our experienced staff can handle every aspect of the system design. We will follow through on every promise we make, including customer support during and after system design and implementation.
  • Simplified data interface to Control System
    ECA's simplified data interface allows the installer minimal cable run needs with ease of hookup and interconnection. ECA can interface numerous data types into a system, inclduding Ethernet, RS232, PLC Data Highways, and standard champ interface. ECA provides clear cable wiring documentation for each system, including riser diagrams and wire requirements.
 Touch Screen Systems we provide

ECA's touch screen systems can be implemented together using multiple system types in one unit. We can also provide separate touch screen systems as well.

Door Control

  • Door Control & Monitoring
  • Door monitoring only


  • Intercom system interface
  • Paging interface
  • Dual control of a single intercom station

Plant Process

  • Control & monitor production equipment
  • Recipe management


  • Control & Monitor water level
  • Control & Monitor valve conditions
Control Panel Image
Control Panel Image