ECA is a provider of graphic and linear control panels, PLC and discreet logic detention control systems, custom designed interface panels and systems, and touch screen control systems. We provide fully assembled and tested systems for easy on-site installation and startup. We consult with you to ensure that we provide the best overall package to meet your specific needs. Our experience in developing control panels and systems dates back to 1988.

Our graphic control panels can be developed utilizing several different techniques to meet virtually any specifications, including reverse-engraved New Hermes face plates, front-engraved stainless steel face plates, reverse-printed or silk screened Lexan overlays. Graphic control panels can be equipped with either standard, oil tight, membrane and/or capacitance style switches.

One of ECA’s primary objectives is to offer a system requiring the least amount of field installation and startup time possible, which can save you money. Our design team evaluates your project needs, breaks them down to their most simple elements and develops a package that will satisfy all of your needs and provide you with the most trouble-free system possible. Having been in the field performing the final on-site installation of control systems, we understand the challenges your technicians may face. ECA helps to overcome these issues by incorporating features that allow easy installation, startup, operation and maintenance, resulting in everyone being more satisfied, including the end-user.