Additional Services

There are many additional services ECA can provide for you. We offer custom product development, including custom field devices, circuit boards, equipment cabinets, custom specification writing and many other services.

 Custom Field Devices

ECA can provide you with custom field devices that can be made to your specifications. We can manufacture faceplates of varied types including stainless steel and aluminum. Faceplates can be engraved and/or paint filled to your design needs and can utilize various font types and sizes. Faceplates can be of limitless size to fit in almost any environment necessary. We can make the product with rotary switches, oiltight switches, pushbuttons, slide switches, flip style switches and numerous other types. We can also add LED's of numerous types and colors including multicolor single LED's and Lamps as well.

 Custom Circuit Boards

ECA has the development skills to manufacture custom circuit boards to meet your specifications. We can manufacture many sizes, with holes placed in various locations. Your circuit board can be made to handle certain voltage requirements, connector types and various other components involved in having the product you may require. ECA prototypes our circuit boards and sends that information to have manufactured by a circuit board company. ECA rigorously bench tests and redesigns your product to get what you desire.

 Custom Equipment Cabinets

As experts at building custom equipment cabinents, ECA can provide this service for your design needs or we can build it for you. For more information, click here.

 Custom Specification writing

ECA offers specification writing to those who need assistance writing specifications within a project. ECA has successfully implemented specifications in numerous projects that have been tailored for the customer. In our specifications, we provide the following information:

  • Section Overview
  • Section Requirements
  • General Requirements
  • Product specification criteria
  • Installation requirements
  • Required licensing to meet specifications
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